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sobota, 17 grudnia 2011
Fingerless :)

A week ago Brava broke her declaw AGAIN, for the third time. Two previous time she was given anesthesia (not sure if this is the right word, not some really strong stuff) so that the vet could cut the whole nail off. This time I spoke to several people and decided it's time to solve the problem permamently, as I didn't want her to get anesthesia every couple of months, every time the nail grows back. It seems that either it was set at slightly wrong angle from the beginning or after the first accident it grew back like that. So eventually we've decided to cut this finger off so that the nail won't grow back again.

Brava took this all really well, apart from the fact that she learnt pretty quickly how to get rid of the cone of shame and she absolutely refused to wear any bandage whatsoever (the result if you put one on her was like: "MUUUUM! My leg is gone and I can't walk anymoooore!"). I prepared a special muzzle with ducttape all over, so she didn't lick the wound and take out the stitches and managed to keep an eye on her for 6 days, on the 7th I took a little nap and she got rid of one of the stitches, but apart from that she seems fine and walks and runs normally.

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środa, 14 grudnia 2011
Most funny and chilled-out Polish Agility Championship ever

This year Polish Agility Championship were special. The place was special - among mountains and beaufiful views, in a Wild West cowboy city ;), in really nice hall and with the best agility freaks in the whole wide world. The courses were REALLY fun and REALLY fast, so kept everyone warm despite low temperatures :). Because of how challenging the courses were, we were also very high on emotions for the whole time :).

My girls decided to surprise me a bit though and got really creative in finding ways to get eliminated, like this:

Eri who is absolutely my best contacts dog did a real fly-off see-saw for the very first time in her entire life. I think she might have thought it was a dogwalk actually, because I forgot the command for see-saw.

But, it's all in the family, as the current Polish Agility Champion is Brava's mother Oxa :)

And yes, I did have some nice runs, like this jumping with Eri which I'm really happy with:

Sunday won combined agility and jumping open on Saturday, and Eri was 3rd in LA3. Also Vigo got his 3rd leg towards A2 with Katka :) on their fourth competition together

And I got some absolutely amazing photos by Paula and JiM - thank you!

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czwartek, 08 grudnia 2011
Amadeus Agility Worldcup

Being more frick than Lisa (inside joke), last weekend we went just some 1000 km for an agility competition in Salzburg to meet other freaks and run some fun courses. As for meetings, it was great, as for running, we've seen some better, but there were other fun stuff too, so all in all the journey was worth it.

Since the entry fee was absurdly high, so I only entered Brava and then regretted not entering Sunday as well, she would have good chances there and it was nice warm hall with nice carpet. Vigo went just to keep us company so we had 5 pyrsheps in an appartement. Not only it looks cool, but also no food is wasted. Even the food that you actually intended to eat but just turned away from for a second :).

As usually, we didn't do any sight-seeing (I can make a list of places I've been to and not seen any of it because of agility), but at least this time you could watch also horses in the same hall (there was some important jumping tournament and some nice things for sale, like Harley-Davidsons and really cool leather jackets (I found a really nice one for 500 euro).

The competition had a familial atmosphere, not only two of Brava's brothers were running but also their father, who is a really nice dog, very pretty and runs well (he won open on Saturday). I really liked him a lot and we have a family photo:

As for running: on Friday I had 2 dis, on Saturday jumping with 1 mistake (wrong weave entry) and another dis, but thanks to the jumping we got into the finals on Sunday. The final was peculiar, there were 2 identical courses and two dogs ran simultaneously, then they switched the courses and run again and the best one got further. The mistake was treated as plus 2 seconds to the time and dis as plus 6 second. For some strange reason Brava didn't do the weave entry on one course. The first time she was still faster, the second tme she lost, which was a pity, because there were some 2000 euros to be won plus 800 in coupons to be used in the stalls (leather jacket...). But at least our friend Rolli with pyrshep Page got to the finals and took second place :).

Jumping MA3 - pretty nice dis ;).

And final - you can see better the other dog than Brava, but you get the idea:

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sobota, 26 listopada 2011
Make failure your success

So I tried to teach "sad dog" trick to Eri as well, but it didn't go quite as I planned:

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piątek, 25 listopada 2011

Last week Vigo and Katka participated in the training with Teresa Kralova and they did great:

Looking at him from the side I'd really like a dog like that ;).

Unfortunately just after that Vigo started coughing and hasn't stopped ever since. He doesn't have fever, has appetite and typical energy, but is still coughing. He's on second course of antibiotics right now and if that doesn't help we will do chest x-ray to determine the couse. Well, I really don't need that just now :/

Here's the "Sad pyrsheps trick". Well, Brava cheats a little bit (I somehow tend to have this problem, when I was teaching "dead dog" trick I also couldn't make the tail dead...)

With Eri I managed to get really strange version of this trick, I will try to video it soon :). And Sunday, well, shaping a static trick is not her thing. So I get a lot of strange movements and sounds, interspaced with lying down and touching the ground with her muzzle for a split of a second now and then... I'm not giving up yet ;).

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wtorek, 15 listopada 2011

Our dogs recently get some individual time with Mom and Dad ;). Eri goes to work with Wojtek, as well as some city walks to remind her how the good canine citizen should behave like ;).

The other three take turns to bring Sergiusz from the kindergarden with me, which is also a chance to work with each of them individually - f.i. on tugging on a bus stop with Vigo, which just proves never say never ;).

I saw a really cute video recently - and BTW that puppy really gets me puppy-feverish - and liked the "Are you sad?" trick, so I started shaping it with my dogs. As usually, pyrsheps are the smartest and they got it in 2 sessions. Eri thinks it's about targeting the floor with her nose so she holds it perpendicularly to the ground) or paddling and scratching the floor with front feet and Sunday faced with clicker and supper looses her mind completely and forgets she has ever heard of any manners, so she tries to scratch or bite the treats out of my hand, whining and being happy as only a cocker can ;). But sometimes she does the trick by chance, so we're getting there :).

Apart from all that we just enjoy the walks in the most beautiful season of the year:

And in the evenings...

I think that's really cute when they do that :)

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wtorek, 08 listopada 2011

We had another fantastic weekend at the agility trial. Same as last year, we went to Motesice. It was really awesome, Rolli Schiltz and Hans Fried made fast and fun courses, I've met my friends from different countries, the weather was great, what's not to like :).

I had lots of great runs without placements :). On Saturday Brava was 3rd in jumping3, then she had really nice MA3 run with no A-frame contact and best time and then even nicer open agility run with a fault on dogwalk (but the careful analysis in Imovie shown it was actually done... well, sometimes judges make a mistake one way or the other). She had best time though and I really like that run:

And jumping:

Someone must have switched my good Dutchie for some crazy dog :). She tugged so hard that my hands actually hurt, she tore one toy and almost pulled my fingers off ;), she barked her head off at the startline and could not make one weaves in 5 tries ;). Apart for that we had really nice runs, some nice eliminations (like in LA3 with show-off independent contacts) and great open jumping large run (the video is really dark in the beginning). She was 11th out of 100 great dogs :).

Vigo with Katka did really well, they had wonderful clean MA1 run with 1st place:

Vigo was really good for the whole weekend, he did all the contacts, broke his startline only once (and Katka stopped him and corrected it). All in all, it seems that lending him to Katka for trials was really good idea for everyone involved :).

On Sunday I had elimination with Brava in jumping 3, wrong entry at the weavepoles in MA3 and another great open jumping run with 3rd place. With Eri I also got eliminated in jumping 3 (actually same place, I need to practice some layering), had very stupid elimination in otherwise really great LA3 run (I wanted to strenghten her dogwalk approach and showed her wrong obstacle because of that) and beautiful open agility run with 9th place (6th in joined classification).

It really felt great to run with Brava on this competition, there were lots of excellent competitors so I was really motivated to run as hell :) and we had lots of fun. I also played some crate games with both Brava and Eri, had a little discussion with Eri about not being fussy about her rewards, got some nice ideas what to work on and all in all had a great time. So I'm already entered for March in Motesice :).

19:00, orvokki , English
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